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The Activator is a hand-held adjusting instrument that delivers safe, specific correction to joints that are misaligned and have pain or decreased function.

By using high speed instead of high force to adjust the joint, the Activator becomes a very gentle form of treatment. Research shows that Activator adjustments are as effective as manual adjustments. Activator use is suitable for anyone from newborn infants to geriatric patients. The Activator was developed in the 1960′s and can be used on extremities, or on the jaw in treating cases of TMJ, as well on the spine.

As a chiropractic technique, Activator provides a method for evaluating the need for correction, and then uses the instrument to perform the correction. Affiliated doctors train with the goal of exclusively using Activator Method. Those non-affiliated often combine the method or the instrument with other chiropractic techniques.


  • All musculoskeletal conditions