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At CCBT we work as a collaborative team.  Once our patients have a diagnosis, their practitioner will design a treatment plan that can be carried out by the patients with the support of our chiropractic and bodywork team. This interdisciplinary team is different for each patient, and the team’s composition may change during treatment to match the patient’s shifting needs. By providing an appropriate treatment plan, our goal is to help patients stay as active as possible at any age. Our broad medical expertise and experience in different treatment modalities allow us to treat ongoing or periodic conditions throughout a patient’s lifetime.


We have Telehealth Services available to provide patient care. Telehealth services allow us to provide care through secure video and telecommunications.  Please call the office if you would like to schedule a Telehealth appointment: (734) 677-1900.

Dr. Linda Berry

Dr. Berry

My goal is to assist my patients on their journey to a more vibrant and pain-free life. Over my 38 years in practice, I have learned from brilliant teachers, colleagues, and the patients for whom it has been my pleasure to serve. I enter into each encounter with an inquiring mind: what structural, chemical and/or emotional factors are misaligned or out of balance? My treatment tools include flexion-distraction to stretch the spine and discs; applied kinesiology to reveal muscle-organ connections; and active release technique to stretch and restore function to specific muscles. I combine these with chiropractic manipulation using both the activator tool and hands-on care. It would be my pleasure to be part of your health care team!

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Dr. Dvorak

I draw from a variety of approaches to give you thorough, thoughtful care in a safe, supportive environment. My work is eclectic. In concert with you, I may choose from traditional manual or low-force Activator instrument adjustments, soft tissue work, energy work including Reiki, CranioSacral therapy, and trauma healing / somatic release work, including grounding. Reiki, Trauma Healing and CranioSacral therapy may be incorporated into a chiropractic session, or for more in-depth work, may be booked as separate 1-hour sessions. I address diet, nutrition, sleep, stress, ergonomics, and other life style considerations.

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Dr. Omel

Dr. Omel firmly believes that chiropractic care plays a pivotal role in optimizing human
body function by enhancing spinal mobility, aligning the spine, and restoring optimal
nerve function. Complementing chiropractic interventions, he also imparts valuable
insights on maintaining a balanced lifestyle through proper nutrition, movement, and

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Having over twelve years of experience, it is a true gift to be a massage therapy healer and be able to use my gift to help others achieve their health goals. My massage technique can be described as a firm touch that addresses the concerns of the patient while allowing the body to reach a level of relaxation in order to heal. Throughout my practice, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many modalities which include Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. I have also had the opportunity to study oncology/hospital massage through Beaumont Hospital where I’ve been taught to safely treat clients going through different stages of cancer treatment. 

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Welcome to the future of healthcare.

A Patient-Centered Medical Home is health care focused on you, the patient. It is a partnership between you and your doctor. Your doctor leads a team of healthcare professionals committed to improving your overall health and to helping you reach your health goals.

Your health team will be led by your Chiropractic physician and may also include massage therapy, chiropractic assistants and others depending on your needs. Instead of being treated for a problem here and there without making a connection between symptoms, the Patient-Centered Medical Home focuses on connecting the dots and coordinating care. Do not hesitate to come to us with any questions you may have. As we move into the future, you may notice that:

  • We ask you what your goals are, or what you want to do to improve your health or the health of your family member.
  • We ask you to help us plan your or your child’s care and let us know if you think you or they can follow the plan.
  • We can give you a written copy of the care plan.
  • The care team members are actively involved in planning the care you receive.
  • We remind you when treatments or exams are due so that you or your child receive the best quality care.

A partnership means that we trust you to:

  • Communicate openly about any symptoms or changes in your or your family member’s health and well-being.
  • Learn about wellness and disease prevention and make healthy decisions about your and your family’s daily habits and
  • Follow the care plan that is agreed upon – or let us know why you are not able to so that we can try to help or change the
  • Tell us when you or your family member see other doctors, have a change in medication(s), or have received any other
    tests or treatments. Please ask them to send us a report so we are well informed.
  • Learn and become familiar with the insurance that covers you and your family.
  • Respect us as individuals and partners in your care.
  • Give us feedback so that we can improve our services.
  • Come prepared to pay your office visit fee when you are seen in the office.

We know that your time is valuable and we do our best to see our patients at their scheduled time. Patients are encouraged
to arrive at least 10 minutes early and sign in at the front desk. This extra time allows our staff to update records prior to
you seeing the provider. If you are unable to keep your or your family member’s scheduled appointment, please notify us
so that we may let another patient have that appointment time. Missed appointments may result in a missed appointment