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Injury Recall Technique

What do you do if you put your hand on a hot stove?  You immediately pull your hand away, and, in fact, you tend to move your whole body away from the burner.  If you step on a tack, you lift your foot quickly and shift your entire body weight to the other foot.  These muscle responses to injury are designed to protect you from further injury and are supposed to last for a very brief time- a quick reflex- and then return to normal.  But, if the injury is serious enough or lasts a long enough time, the muscle response continues and remains as “muscle memory”.  Injury Recall Technique erases the muscle memory so that the brain can begin the healing process for that specific area.


  • All musculoskeletal conditions

What's It Like:

  • Light to medium pressure in a small specific area
  • Client remains fully clothed